Our Storymakers 


Millie Morris 

Older Parker 

Representing: Parker Monhollon

Facebook Page: Parker Loves Life 

Age 9, Lived with DIPG 18 months 

Bella Cascio 

Younger Parker 

Representing Parker Monhollon

Lauren Leppert


Representing all Mamas of DIPG 

Alex Vlasto


Representing all DIPG Dads 

Lilah Reeder 


Representing Mikayla

Facebook: Mikayla, Our Miracle

Age 6, Fighting 2 years 

Sarah Ellis


Representing Bruce

Facebook: The Love for Bruce

Age 5, Lived with DIPG 8 months 

Courtney Chaney

Dancer and Dance Teacher

Representing JJ 

Facebook Page: Warrior JJ 

Diagnosed Age 8, Now Age 16

Still Fighting 7 years, 6 months! 

Madison Kimrey


Representing Colton

Facebook: Colton's Callers

Age 15, Lived with DIPG 22 Months 

Chris Sicat 

Ensemble and Dancer

Representing Kayne 


Age 17, Lived with DIPG 1 year 

Ryan Thorpe


Representing Easton 

Facebook: Easton's Journey "Beaston" 

Age 6, Lived with DIPG 4 months 

Faith Haines

Ensemble (U.S. Young Parker)

Representing Libby

Facebook: Lace up for Libby

Age 14, Lived with DIPG for 7 months 

Catie Cabral

Ensemble (U.S. Dance Teacher)

Representing Layla 

Facebook: Love for Layla 

Age 6, Still Fighting 1 year, 8 months! 

Gabby Morales 


Representing Aiden


Age 5, Lived with DIPG 2 Years 

Caiden Friemann


Representing David

Facebook: David's Adventure with DIPG

Age 8, 1 year, 5 months and Still fighting! 

Carolina Munoz

Woman 1/Ensemble 

Representing Colton

Facebook: Team Colton

Age 7, Lived with DIPG 16 Months

Savannah Gozart

Woman 2/Ensemble (U.S. Older Parker)

Representing Natasha


Age 12, Lived with DIPG 15 months

Isabella Schumacher 

Nurse/Ensemble (U.S. Doctor)

Representing Caitlyn 

Age 6, Lived with DIPG 7 months

Jessica Haddock 

Woman 1/Mary

Representing Rae 

Facebook: Rainey Days

Age 9, Fighting 6.5 years! 

John Espinosa

Ensemble (U.S. Eric)  

Representing Gunner

Facebook: #GoGunner55

Age 14, Lived with DIPG 9 months

Jones Parris 


Representing Reid

Facebook: Support Reid Crosby's Fight

Age 6, Lived with DIPG 1 year, 1 week. 

Katie Meeker

Ensemble (U.S. Sarah)

Representing Abby

Facebook: Pray for Abby

Age 5, Lived with DIPG 1 year

Zoya Javaid 


Representing Mckenna "Macky" 


Age 7, Lived with DIPG 6 months

Jesse White 

Ensemble (U.S. Nurse) 

Representing Drake 

Facebook: Drake's Battle with DIPG 

Age 8, Lived with DIPG 14 months 

Grace Finan

Ensemble (U.S. Nurse) 

Representing Karen "Muffie" Armstrong, daughter

of Neil Armstrong. 

Age 2, Lived with DIPG 1 year 

Zoe McConnell


Representing Tony 

Facebook: Together with Tony

Age 3, Lived with DIPG 2 months

Bitaniya Menkir


Representing Kingston 

Facebook: Kingston Kicking Cancer

Age 3, Lived with DIPG 7 months

Sadie Tye


Representing Buddy 

Facebook: Team Buddy Boy

Age 9, Lived with DIPG 2 Years

Robbie Anne


Representing Hunter

Facebook: Live like Hunter

Age 7, Lived with DIPG 14 months


Matt Carroll

Technical Director

Nicki Cabaniss 

Writer and Director

Grace Hill

Costume Design 

Rachel Hollinger

Prop and Effect Design

Natalya France

Technical Crew

Claire Tate

Technical Crew

Lucas Polanco

Technical Crew 

Shea West

Make-Up Design

Logan O'Connor

Set Design

Brad Leonard

Technical Crew

Areyana Anstead

Technical Crew

Camila Pinzon

Technical Crew

Zoya Akhtar 

Technical Crew

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