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Friday Knight Live! 

Directors and Show Synopsis

1. Gabby Morales: Headspace

A normal everyday girl with not so normal qualities. Jade is just like any other 18 year old girl. She loves friends, her family, music, and art. But she has one, not so normal, quality about her. Voices. 6 to be exact. All with their own separate personalities. Yeah. It’s just about as crazy as you think

2. Lilah Reeder: From the Third Wheel of a Tricycle

Austin is sort of an outsider, but his best friend, Zoey, is always there for him. Until, that is, until she gets a boyfriend, Romeo. That’s right, this is a rom-com, but from the best friend’s perspective! It has comedy, it has drama, it’s relatable, it’s fantastic, and it even has your favorite theatre teacher, Taxi!!!

3. Bella Cascio: Evelyn

Princess Evelyn of Aloria has been locked in a tower for as long as she can remember. She thinks that escape will be where her problems end, but her journey back to her kingdom will challenge her in ways she never expected. In this kinda sorta almost fairy tale, Evelyn will cross paths with all sorts of creatures as her adventures take her on a journey through the enchanted forest in order to discover what it really means to be your own hero.

4. Courtney Chaney: Never grow up

When you lose someone you care about, the hardest part is learning how to survive without them. When CHLOE dies suddenly, her parents choose to relive her life through pictures and song.

5. Millie Morris and Jessica Haddock:

APUSH in the right direction...

DBQs, Wawa coffee, and tear away pants: three things that should never be brought near a classroom. Mr. Gadsden is a goofy guy who teaches APUSH at his local high school. Throughout the course of the year, he is determined to let loose with a class of closed-off students. Gadsden sets his sights on teaching his students a little something about history, comedy, and friendship. Watch as Mr. Gadsden puts on a show as he APUSHes his students in the right direction.

6. Shea West and Grace Hill: The Terrance Menn


One night, as Clara slept, she is visited by the manifestations of the Thespian God, Terrence Mann as: Javert, The Beast, and Rum Tum Tugger.In the style of “A Christmas Carol” the Terrence Menn

 all work together to help her through the toils of relationships and help her discover who she truly is inside.

7. Lauren Leppert: Cursed Hearse

Due to Director Schedule conflicts, Lauren will have auditions on Monday, December 2nd for those interested in her show. You may ALSO ask for your audition to be videotaped during your regular audition. Please indicate this at the top of your audition. Preferred that you see her Dec. 2nd! She only has a cast of 5 people. 

Four friends go on a road trip after their high school graduation. However, there might be an extra passenger who knows more about the four then they do and is willing to expose them all. Will they make it to their final destination?

8. John Espinosa: The Inception of a Struggling Actor

College graduate Jack is about to go on a major broadway audition. Later that day he finds out that he has made a callback,while he is practicing he falls asleep. When he is sleeping is meets a person(can be male or female based on the circumstances) that tells him that audions can be good or bad but all that matters is that you have fun and meet new people while there talking a group enters (the group can also be male or female based on the circumstances) they tells Jack that he is an awful actor and he needs to be like everyone else by doing a normal job. In the end Jack comes to terms with both people and uses both their advice and criticism to do good on his callback audition.

9. Michael Bernabeu: Kanaloa

Our show Kanaloa is named after the Hawaiian god of death and the underworld. It starts with the survivors of a shipwreck landing on an uninhabited island. The group consists of Gary the totally normal guy, Lydia the Instagramer, Karen the antivax soccer mom, Ron the boomer, Ms.Kavita the theatre teacher, John Johnny Johnson Jr the infomercial guy, Kyle the human punching bag. The group sets out to survive and find a way off the island, unaware of what dark forces loom in the shadows.

10. Samy Primo: 926 Miles

The show 926 miles is about two teenage best friends Rae and Callie who have been best friends all through middle school and their freshman year of high school but have to be separated when Callie moves 926 miles away.They have to spend the most important years of their lives away from each other and have to learn how to stay best friends without letting the distance ruin the 4 years of friendship they've built.

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