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Our Competition Pieces: 


2013-2014: Bad Auditions by Bad Actors (3rd Place Conference, Best Actress)

2014-2015: Fearful Symmetry (4th Place Conference) 

2015-2016: 4 A.M.  and Antigone Now (All Cast Actor Award, 3rd Place Conference)

2016-2017: The Tell-Tale Heart and Mirrors (Superior Ratings, 4th Place Conference) 

2017-2018: Luz, an original show (Excellant rating at VTA; All Cast Actor Award); The Trojan Women

2018-2019: The Lottery (Excellent Ratings); The Internet is Distract-Oh Look at Kitten!  (Excellent Rating; 3rd Place conference; 2nd Place Overall Score). 

2019-2020: "The Story of a Firefly," an original show (Superior Rating at VTA; 2nd Place in State; 1st Place for Voice of Truth at Virginia Thespians; Superior Ranking). After Math 

2020-2021: "Bad Auditions on Camera!" (Superior Rating at VTA, 2 All Cast Awards, 1 Best Actor Award); 4 a.m. for VHSL (Excelent Overall Ranking; Outstanding Actor Award to Ryan Thorpe) 

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