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Company Awards

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2013: Outstanding Actress for Bad Audition for Bad Actors. Virginia High School League: Susan Corkran

2015: All Star Cast Award for 4 a.m. at The Virginia Theatre Association: Kira Simmons

2016: Loudoun Educational Foundation Grant for Make-Up Design; Spring 2016

2017: All Star Cast Award for Luz, an original show at The Virginia Theatre Association: Lauren Stanley. 

2018: 7 Nominations and three winners in their division at the National Youth Arts Awards: Outstanding Supporting Performance in a Musical: Lydia Vlasto; Best Dance Ensemble (Quentin Perkett); Best Choreography: Quentin Perkett; Nomination for best Supporting Actress in a Musical: Caroline Sweeney; Nomination for Outstanding Costume Design: Lauren Belk; Nomination for Outstanding Ensemble (Beauty and the Beast); Nomination for Best Direction of a Musical (Nicki Cabaniss).   

2019: Loudoun Educational Foundation Grant for Swordsmanship Workshop: Words are Swords 

8 Nominations and 2 Category Winners in their division at the National Youth Arts Awards: Outstanding Lead Performance in a Musical: Casey Brewer; Outstanding Supporting Performer in a Play: Gabby Morales; Nomination for Lead Performance: Lauren Stanley; Nomination for Lead Performance: Alex Vlasto; Nomination for Supporting Performance: Bella Cascio; Nomination for Supporting Performance: Lexi Tenny; Nomination for Featured Performance: Lauren Leppert; Nomination for Direction of a Play: Nicki Cabaniss; Nomination for Best New Works: Sean Simmons and Jared Wyckoff; Nomination for Lead Performance: Millie Morris. 

Honorable Mention for the Spirit of Theatre Award at the Virginia Theatre Association

Superior Rankings for Original show "The Story of a Firefly" at the Virginia Theatre Association

2020: State Runner Up at Virginia Thespian Festival for Production of "The Story of a Firefly."

1st Place for Best Story Telling.

Outstanding Performance Awards to Caiden Friemann and Millie Morris. for "The Story of a Firefly"

Superior Ranking in Individual Performance: Monologues to Courtney Chaney; qualified for nationals

Excellent Rankings in Individual Performance to Millie Morris (Musical), Caiden Friemann (Musical), Jesse White, Katie Meeker and Faith Haines (Trio Performance), Lilah Reeder (Monologue Performance)

Superior Rankings and Excellent Overall Performance Ranking to "The Story of a Firefly" 

National Youth Arts Awards 2020: Winners: Lauren Leppert ('20) for her role as Emma in Firefly,  Millie Morris ('20) for her role as Older Parker in Firefly,  Callie Stapleton (LHS) for her performance as Cinderella in Game of Tiaras, Alex Vlasto ('21) for his role as Eric in Firefly, The Ensemble of Firefly, Student Direction to Millie Morris ('20) and Jessica Haddock ('20) for their show APUSH in the right direction..., Best New Work: Nicki Cabaniss for Firefly 


Nominations:  Millie Morris ('20) for Winnie in Tuck Everlasting, Jessica Haddock ('20) for Mae in Tuck Everlasting,  Lilah Reeder ('20) for Stranger in the Yellow Suit in Tuck Everlasting,  Alex Vlasto ('21) for Jessie in Tuck Everlasting,  Catie Cabral (LHS) for Ellie in Game of Tiaras, Grace Finan (PVI) for Belle in Game of Tiaras, Shana Khan ('21) for Vivian, Ral and Chloe for performances in Friday Knight Live, Nikki Kumar (LHS) for Semgol in Game of Tiaras,  Cameron Montgomery for Gadsden and Warlock in Friday Knight Live performances, Morgan Skiles (LHS) for Emmalee in Friday Knight Live, Callie Stapleton (LHS) as Fairy in Friday Knight Live, Ryan Thrope ('21) as Charlie in Friday Knight Live, Kayleigh Trent ('21) as Mare in Friday Knight Live, Bella Cascio ('20) and Makenna Sowards ('20) for Student Direction of Evelyn 

Superior Rating for Overall Performance at the Virginia Theatre Association 2020 Conference for "Bad Auditions on Camera!" 

All Star Cast Award to Alex Vlasto; All-Star Cast Award to Ryan Thorpe 

Best Actor (Top 10) to Sarah Ellis 

1st Place State Tech Team for Tech Olympics: Matt Carroll, Carolina Munoz, Logan O'Connor, T Knight 

2021: Loudoun Educational Federation Grant of 1500 for "The Show Must Go on;" Money to create supply kits for students to use in Gore Make-Up and Technical Theatre Classes 

Outstanding Actor Award for VHSL Region 6B to Ryan Thorpe for "Frankie" in 4 a.m.; Honorable Mention to Alex Vlasto; 4 a.m. (Overall Excellent Ranking) 

Overall Excellent Rating for "Between the Stalls" at the Virginia Theatre Association 2021 Conference. 

All Star Cast Award to Sadie Tye; All Star Cast Award to Faith Haines 

2022: Superior Rating to "Between the Stalls" at the Virginia Thespian Festival 2022 Conference

Outstanding Performance award to Zoya Javaid and Sadie Tye. 

Company Award for Best Vocal Performance 

Superior Rating for Monologue Performance to Sadie Tye

Excellent Rating for Musical Theatre Performance to Anjolie Browne

Excellent Rating for Musical Theatre Performance to Jesse White 

Excellent Rating for Stage Management to T Knight 

Scholarship Offer to University of Maryland-Balitmore to T Knight 

2023: Superior Rating to "Edge of Fire" at the Virginia Thespian State Festival 

Outstanding Performance Awards to Alexis McGuffin, Dineen Merriweather and Hadyn Dollery (VTF 2023) 

Superior Monologue Thespy to Alexis McGuffin 

Best Storytelling Award at VTF

Best Technical Element at VTF

Outstanding Performer Award to Hadyn Dollery at VHSL 

Superior Rating at VHSL Performance for "Edge of Fire" 

3rd Place Finish at VHSL 

2024: VTA 

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