Company Awards

2013: Outstanding Actress for Bad Audition for Bad Actors. Virginia High School League: Susan Corkran

2015: All Star Cast Award for 4 a.m. at The Virginia Theatre Association: Kira Simmons

2016: Loudoun Educational Foundation Grant for Make-Up Design; Spring 2016

2017: All Star Cast Award for Luz, an original show at The Virginia Theatre Association: Lauren Stanley. 

2018: 7 Nominations and three winners in their division at the National Youth Arts Awards: Outstanding Supporting Performance in a Musical: Lydia Vlasto; Best Dance Ensemble (Quentin Perkett); Best Choreography: Quentin Perkett; Nomination for best Supporting Actress in a Musical: Caroline Sweeney; Nomination for Outstanding Costume Design: Lauren Belk; Nomination for Outstanding Ensemble (Beauty and the Beast); Nomination for Best Direction of a Musical (Nicki Cabaniss).   

2019: Loudoun Educational Foundation Grant for Swordsmanship Workshop: Words are Swords 

8 Nominations and 2 Category Winners in their division at the National Youth Arts Awards: Outstanding Lead Performance in a Musical: Casey Brewer; Outstanding Supporting Performer in a Play: Gabby Morales; Nomination for Lead Performance: Lauren Stanley; Nomination for Lead Performance: Alex Vlasto; Nomination for Supporting Performance: Bella Cascio; Nomination for Supporting Performance: Lexi Tenny; Nomination for Featured Performance: Lauren Leppert; Nomination for Direction of a Play: Nicki Cabaniss; Nomination for Best New Works: Sean Simmons and Jared Wyckoff; Nomination for Lead Performance: Millie Morris. 

Honorable Mention for the Spirit of Theatre Award at the Virginia Theatre Association

Superior Rankings for Original show "The Story of a Firefly" at the Virginia Theatre Association

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