Shrek Callbacks!

Report to the Blackbox at 4:15 There will be a series of cuts throughout night so some may be done before others. The latest we will go is 6:00pm. Thank you!

We will be beginning with Freak Flag dance. 

John Espinosa

Kennedy Davis

Lexi Tenny

Emma Marano

Jesse White

Kayleigh Trent

Zoya Javid

Lauren Buckley

Bella Cascio

Maggie Lovin

Jade Allen

Christian Ward

Dallin Roma

Lauren Stanley

Bronte Patch

Makenna Sowards

Christina Webb

Savannah Pare

Maggie Harper

Michael Bernabeu

Casey Brewer

Nathan Ross

Anna Yarnal

Millie Morris

Courtney Chaney

Alex Vlasto

Cameron Montgomery 

Faith Haines

Ryan Thorpe

Valentina Morgan

Jessica Haddock

Sarah Ellis

Mahkala Daniels

Lauren Leppert

Madison Kimrey

Deyaneira Flores

Shana Khan

Sean Simmons

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