Shrek Auditions

Audition Packets are Available in the Blackbox

Audtion Form (Click Here)

Audition Packet (Click Here) 

Vocal Audition Requirements

Vocal Audition: 

  • Look at the following roles and audition songs. Pick one of these roles/song for your audition. This does not necessarily mean you will only be considered for this role. Please be prepared to sing other roles if asked on the spot. See box below for links to each of these songs. Also, feel free to drop by the blackbox for a copy of the audition sheet music packet. 

    • Females: ​

      •  Morning Person

      • I know it's today

    • Males: ​

      •  What's up Duloc

      • Ballad of Farquaad

      • Who'd I be

    • Either

      • Don't Let me Go

Dances for Callbacks

Basic Callback Dance (Full Speed):

Basic Callback Dance Breakdown:

Advanced Dance Callback (Full Speed):

Advanced Dance Break-Down:

Acting Audition Requirements

In the packet linked above, please choose one monologue to perform. Please memorize this monologue. 

Pick One Song from the packet; the OBC links are just to help you find your place. Do not copy the voice. Please practice with this accompaniment as it will be used in the audition. You may use your sheet music for the audition. 

Who'd I Be 

Original Broadway Cast

Piano Accompaniment (Begins around 1:59)

Don't Let me Go 

Original Broadway Cast

Accompaniment (Begin around 1:02)

What's Up Duloc? 

Original Broadway Cast

Accompaniment (Begins at 3:35)

Ballad of Farquaad 

Original Broadway Cast

Accompaniment (Begins at :30) 

I know it's Today 

Original Broadway Cast

Accompaniment (Begins at 2:11)

Morning Person 

Original Broadway Cast

Accompaniment (Begins at opening)



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