Welcome to a different kind of Spring Season...

As we navigating a world that is not normal, many of us have turned to Art in new ways through the novels we are reading, the shows we are watching and so much more. In times like this, we realize how incredibly important our arts programs are...

We lost two spring shows as a company this year, but you can't keep creative people down. As a company we are proud to present a new show in order to celebrate our current company and the members, especially our class of 2020.

We hope you will join us on May 29th for our production of "10 Ways to survive life in a Quarantine" 

See the box to the left for the details. 

How to See the show...

On May 29th, a link will be posted to our recording of a show that was recorded live in a Virtual Environment. 

This will be live May 29th and then will disappear. 

Tickets will be by donation only. Whatever you wish to donate is your ticket. We are asking you to consider donating at least $5 per view. Your donations go to supporting our company through hardship after the loss of our spring show sales. Our company is completely funded through our shows and fundraising events, so we are going through extreme hardship right now. Please help support our future students and help us to get back to "normal" when that time finally comes. 

Commonly Asked Questions...

1. Will there be a chance to watch the show live? 

No, due to the prevalence of "zoom bombing," in order to protect the integrity of the show and our students' safety, we will be locking the performance room and sharing the recording. 

2. Do I have to donate to see the show? 

No, we are making this an equal opportunity. Many of our families and community members are undergoing unexpected hardship at this time. We are hoping to spread some joy and we want everyone to have a chance to see the show. However, if you are able to donate, our company is incredibly grateful. 

3. What time will the link go live? 

It will go live at 9am on Friday, May 29th and disappear at 11pm on May 29th! 

4. Why am I donating through the Booster Company? Can I donate directly to the school? 

LCPS's accounts are currently frozen. We are not spending any money or taking any money at this time. Our incredible booster team is helping to fund this production. All donations made through them will be given directly back to students in our company as that is our Booster Mission. 

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